vintage engraving of a bee smokerWe’re a small, family-owned bee company in Champaign-Urbana, IL.

What began as a curious hobby has blossomed into something pretty sweet. The more we learned about this complex, natural sweetener from an amazing and essential pollinator, the more fascinated we became. Within months, Two Millions Blooms was born.

Why two million? It’s the number of flowers foraging bees must tap to produce just one pound of honey.

Facts like this quickly captured our imagination and time. But we’re not zoolaters. The design of this little insect and extended superorganism—like all of the natural world—points to something much greater than itself.


Our Honeyvintage engraving of Muth jar

Two Million Blooms honey is derived from the work of local bees visiting local flowers in Champaign-Urbana.

We specialize in small-batch, raw (unheated and unfiltered) honey from treatment-free hives—to keep the good stuff in and the crazy chemicals out. The result is an unadulterated, flavorsome, and award-winning product.

Unfortunately, the majority of honey sold in stores is ultra-heated, ultra-filtered, and is imported from hives treated with toxic acaricides and animal antibiotics. Not ours, no siree!


Our Mission

To produce the highest quality, unfiltered and unadulterated raw honey possible and to educate others on the importance of all pollinators to our ecosystem and food production.


Business Philosophy

By the excellence of his work the workman is a neighbor.
By selling only what he would not despise to own the salesman is a neighbor.
By selling what is good his character survives his market.


— Wendell Berry, The Mad Farmer Poems