Raw Honeycomb Square


Raw honeycombhand-cut from the frame and boxed in a 4-inch container.

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Raw honeycomb, hand-cut from the wooden frame and boxed in a 4-inch container.

About the honey:
Raw, wildflower (polyfloral) honeycomb from treatment-free hives in Champaign, IL. Each slice is:

  • Unheated – to preserve delicate flavor, aroma and enzymes.
  • Unfiltered – to retain its diverse selection of local pollen grains.
  • Treatment-free – to prevent contamination from in-hive pesticides.
Note: Honey in the comb and sealed by the bees is as raw as it gets. Each slice of comb honey, including the beeswax, is perfectly edible. Releasing the honey-filled cells into your mouth is truly a unique experience. Try pairing comb honey with fresh fruit, rich cheese, or crusty bread for a delicious spread. Available in limited quantities.

About the box:
Made from high-quality, food-grade polystyrene, each 4×4-inch square container allows for a honeycomb slice of around 10 to 14-ounces, as the bees don’t make every cell the same depth.

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Dimensions 4.3125 × 4.3125 × 1.375 in