Naturally Crystallized 10oz Jar – 12ct/case

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A 12-count case of our Naturally Crystallized 10oz Jar at a discount.

Naturally Crystallized 10oz Jar × 12

Naturally crystallized raw honey (unheated and unfiltered) in a straight-sided jar for easy scooping.

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Naturally crystallized honey’s smooth, creamy texture is preferred over liquid honey by many who appreciate it’s ease-of-use and versatility. Spread it like butter over bread, toast, biscuits, bagels, muffins, pancakes or anything else—without dripping! Or, enjoy it stirred into a hot mug of coffee or tea.

About the honey:
Raw, wildflower (polyfloral) honey from treatment-free hives in Champaign, IL. Our honey is:

  • Unheated – to preserve delicate flavor, aroma and enzymes.
  • Unfiltered – to retain its diverse selection of local pollen grains.
  • Treatment-free – to prevent contamination from in-hive pesticides.
Note: Naturally crystallized honey differs from creamed honey in that it is still considered “raw.” Most creamed honey is made through a controlled process involving heat and the introduction of seed crystals. Our naturally crystallized honey has never been heated (so as not to degrade the honey) and has been allowed to crystallize spontaneously.

About the jar:
A glass Mason jar holding 10 oz of honey. This non-shouldered “jelly” glass with straight sides allows for easy scooping of the delicious crystallized honey. Metal lid with Plastisol liner seals in freshness.

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