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Honey Bee Poetry

Our nine-year-old has recently taken to the spontaneous creation of poems, perhaps an after effect of the Shel Silverstein binge she was on from late summer through early fall. It’s been fun, since it’s something she’s doing on her own—not something that’s been demanded of her. Below is one such poem, used with permission of the author.

As she’s developing as a writer, she’s also gaining an awareness of economics and an entrepreneurial spirit, as evidenced by the final stanza.


Bees, bees, they’re everywhere.
Bees, bees, they’re in your hair.

They’re in the attic.
They might be static.
They’re on the deck.
Oh man! Oh heck!


When they’re asleep,
what fun, what a treat!

You get some honey!

And that’s why we’re here,
to give you some honey!
(All you have to do
is give us some money.)