Naturally Crystallized 10 oz Jar


Naturally crystallized raw honey (unheated and unfiltered) in a straight-sided jar for easy scooping.

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Naturally crystallized honey’s semi-solid form is preferred over liquid honey by many who appreciate it’s ease-of-use and versatility. Spread it like butter over bread, toast, biscuits, bagels, muffins, pancakes or anything else—without dripping! Or, enjoy it stirred into a hot mug of coffee or tea.

About the honey:
Raw, wildflower (polyfloral) honey from treatment-free hives in Urbana, IL. Our honey is:

  • Unheated – to preserve delicate flavor, aroma and enzymes.
  • Unfiltered – to retain its diverse selection of local pollen grains.
  • Treatment-free – to prevent contamination from in-hive pesticides.
Note: Unlike creamed/whipped/spun honey which involves pasteurization at 140–160°F and the introduction of seed crystals, naturally crystallized uses raw honey which has never been heated and has been allowed to crystallize spontaneously. It’s texture can range from ultra-smooth to being abundant in quirks and personality.

About the jar:
This non-shouldered “jelly” glass Mason with straight sides allows for easy scooping with a spoon or butter knife. Metal lid with Plastisol liner seals in freshness.

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